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People   ⇔   Process   ⇔  Performance

"Like archers who have a mark at which to aim, shall we not have a better chance of attaining what we want when we can see it?”  Aristotle (384-322 B.C.)

Business Management Solutions for Sustainable Quality-Based Performance.

BC32 Solutions creates process improvement and business transformation service delivery solutions for enterprise, project and small business. Our discipline and vision combine project life cycle management with cognitive and behavioral attributes to achieve individual inclusion and ownership metrics within the business landscape for sustainable process, people and performance. 

Solutions for business change, process improvement and service delivery are tailored using LSS & DMAIC workflows plus a wealth of experience, to drive transparency, accountability & predictable performance.

Solutions for training and implementation initiatives, project work teams & service level requirements are achieved using ISD process workflows held accountable through leadership-mentored quality KPA metrics.

Solutions for proposal management go beyond just winning the work....It is the beginning of doing the job and it all starts here: RFP, technical proposal, cost estimating & SLAs through BAFO and award.

Corporate integration and collaboration transcends the solution development process and works to clearly identify strategic and practical outcomes with end-users; aligning individual success criteria with corporate goals to achieve sustainable performance, service delivery and growth. 

Located in San Diego.....Working throughout the World.

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