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"Like archers who have a mark at which to aim, shall we not have a better chance of attaining what we want when we can see it?”  Aristotle (384-322 B.C.)

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Solutions for business change management and process improvement are tailored to drive transparency, accountability & predictable performance.

Solutions for training and implementation streamline ISD to corporate, project work team & service level requirements and goals, held accountable by leadership mentored quality benchmarks.

Solutions for proposal management go way beyond just winning the work....It is the beginning of doing the job: RFP solution architecture, proposal and cost estimating, CLINs and (price) negotiations for BAFO and award.

BC32 Solutions provides process improvement and business transformation solutions for enterprise, project and small business operations. We are unique in our discipline and vision which applies the human cognitive and behavioral components for inclusion and ownership into the business environment for sustainable people, process and performance. 

"Everyone Wins".  A key factor for our success is a history managing diverse and complex technical and service programs. We value collaboration and integration throughout the solution development process to clearly identify strategic outcomes and work hands-on with staff and sponsor end-users to align individual success criteria with corporate goals for sustainable performance, delivery and growth. 

Located in San Diego, CA....Working around the World.

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