BC32 Solutions Consulting

Mission Statement

Institutionalize accountable and sustainable business solutions which align people through behavioral and cognitive processes for optimum job performance, project management, process and change , leadership implementation and mentoring and training .

BC32 Solutions Consulting focuses upon project, process and implementation training management and cross-functional services for business operations. This includes business management, organizational change, process improvement, training and leadership mentoring using lean six sigma and quality management best practices across government and commercial sectors and project types. This is achieved through three channels of service delivery: Business change & transition, implementation leadership accountability training & mentoring and business development proposal management. Every solution is worked as part of the program or project team to build, introduce and verify the product implementation for the enterprise.

Ralph Pettit is the owner and principal scientist of BC32 Solutions Consulting and owner of The Boring Creek Company. Ralph is an accomplished manager, consultant & mentor/coach, with over twenty years of project management and cross-functional operations and services. He has been responsible for division level program/project P&L and SLAs, business development & proposals, organizational transformation & process improvement, training & team building, customer service & delivery and product development. Ralph possesses multi-disciplined skills and abilities with a powerful history of collaborative problem solving, product and project innovation, design and implementation providing performance improvement and accountability, metrics and value for company and customer.


BA/MA, Cognitive Psychology, SDSU, Chair/Advisor, Marigold Linton, Ph.D., nationally recognized cognitive psychologist, educator and leader. Additional post-graduate work/certification and employment in Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, Community College Instructor and Instructional Systems Design.