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A COVID-19 $3T Debt-free Economic Stimulus Strategy for Retirement Accounts © 2020 Ralph Pettit, BC32 Solutions

Abstract: Letter sent to President Trump and White House Staff and California Congresswomen regarding  a $3T Economic Stimulus Strategy for Retirement Accounts to help address the COVID-19 pandemic issues our nation continues to face.  Read More


Deployment Model For SaaS Solutions © 2018 Ralph Pettit, BC32 Solutions

Abstract: A deployment model is presented for the successful introduction and implementation of new product release or change management initiatives. Deployment Plan key activity descriptions and WBS are provided. Although the application presented here is a SaaS multi-client subscription software solution, we may generalize the principles (with some rigor) to any business application or vertical. Read More

LEAN Six Sigma Governance & Quality for Today © 2017 & 2019 Ralph Pettit, BC32 Solutions

Six sigma. That would be 3.4 defects per 1,000,000 opportunities (DPMO)....and it is applied as a key quality metric for stringent production environments where variables (i.e., parameters) are defined, controlled and managed. Six sigma is a statistical criteria based upon discrete (attribute) data and the results and consequences (e.g., frequency/severity) of failure of the production unit or system. For products and disciplines we have such as the FDA, NASA, precision manufacturing engineering, AI robotics or laser targeting systems classic six sigma metrics remain valid. Read More

Training Objective Template for Subscription Sales © 2016 Ralph Pettit, The Boring Creek Company

Training Terminal Objectives (TOs) presented for sales team training. The Enabling (training) Objectives (EOs) are developed using the ISD design process and support the TO outcome behavior for product knowledge, and those tough prospective client challenges. The training objectives are developed to equip the sales team with the knowledge and skill necessary to meet client business requirements and ensure client enrollment. Read More