Process Improvement & Change Management

People   ⇔   Process   ⇒   Performance

Project management discipline for any change initiative implementation is the key to successful business transformation, continuity, acceptance and sustainable operations. More often than not this is not the case as the investment is made for the change solution but not the process of project  change process implementation and validation. This ultimately detracts from the business solution, CRM and service delivery goals. Change & process improvement, as it is done here, enables the systems, people and workflow accountability required to achieve KPIs and value management outcomes for the organization.

Process Improvement Solutions

Enterprise and project direct business change management process improvement is what we do. Our two decades implementing and operating quality-based lean six sigma best practices for projects, process and tools uniquely enable us to build adaptive (scalable)cost-effective solutions to systematically meet your near and long-term business needs, service levels, change initiatives and process improvement objectives. 

♦ Models:  ◊ ITIL® ◊ CMMI® ◊ ISO® ◊ GxP

♦ Methods:  ◊ KPI ◊Lean Six SigmaDMAIC ◊ TQM 

♦ Metrics:  ◊ Balanced Scorecard ◊ Mission Assurance

We achieve quality-based economic value for business change by working with clients to tailor and integrate their business solutions using lean process for goal definition, analysis, evaluation, & implementation. Business process mangement accountability (See Figure) is established through measurable corporate-specific business outcomes that sustain productivity and service delivery over the long haul yielding continuous process improvement and value-added return through productivity.

Six Sigma Snapshot

Wondering about lean six sigma and how it might apply to your organization and business objectives? It is a scalable toolbox and, in the right hands, not as cumbersome (or costly) as you might be thinking.

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Whether you are looking for performance improvement strategies and solutions related to M&A, transition, operations & workflow,  business process adoption, metrics or accountability....we're here for just that purpose: Business Change Management, Process Improvement & Quality it should be™.