ITIL®, CMMI® & ISO® Practices are the industry standards used for Change Management & Process Improvement.

People   ⇔   Process   ⇒   Performance

BC32 Solutions delivers process management and continuous improvement for service delivery through a performance-based behavioral model. Our experience includes commercial and government contracts helping clients realize their Corporate Mission and operations goals in concert with individual successes through initiatives and diverse program types:

◊ R&D – Advanced Tactical Systems, Voice Recognition, Team Ops

◊ Production – Commercial & DoD: GD, Ford & GM

◊ IT Outsourcing – Corporate & Local Agency ITOs

◊ Business Reorganization Initiatives – Program, Project & Contract Management

Our Business Process Model combines key principles from human behavior & team culture change dynamics, PMI®, SEI CMMI®, ISO® & ITIL® Practices for Service Process Management. Metrics, accountability and responsibilities (e.g., RACI) are defined from the individual through the project and organization. 

ITIL Service Process Management Practices