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You have to start somewhere and Proposal Management is that place. We mean the full BD multi-year cycle leading to B&P monies. Contracts, specifications, capture teams and proposals we are pros in the organization, leading, mentoring & collaboration of the cross-functional teams, managing RFP requirements,  proposal writing, cost estimating and price negotiations for compliant & successful (meaning "doable") proposals.

Proposal Management is much more than just winning the work....It is the beginning of doing the job.

Proposal Management is much more than just winning the is the beginning of doing the job. Successful Proposal Management is realized when the performance requirements, cost (BOE)/price and accountability are orchestrated through the proposal process to contract award & project  implementation. We work as part of the proposal team to define and manage RFP requirements (RTM) for the solution, the capture strategy targets and cost, schedule and business objectives for the Technical, Management & Price Volumes presented and negotiated with the customer.

◊ Technical→ Performance Requirements & Technical  Solution.

◊ Price→ BOE Cost & Price: SOW, Scope, Subcontractors, Schedule & Risk.

◊ Management→ Project Schedule, BAFO, Source Selection & Negotiation.


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Price-to-Win cost estimate fidelity as a function of

requirements and technical solution maturity.


A QUICK LOOK: Success Requires Effort. Your proposal provides the justification for Contract Award or Source Selection. What the proposal should do is clearly & completely give your customer all of the Information They Need - Technical, Management & Price: Information that your customer needs to successfully perform their job: Which is to award YOU the contract.  When you understand and build this focus for your technical and cost proposal framework...Your Customer will receive your best-effort product demonstrating the cost-basis record for accountability and confidence aligned with the requirements.  Whether federal, state, commercial public or private a winning proposal accomplishes just that.

Proposal Management aligns the Proposal Team and technical solution with the customer's specification (design) and performance requirements. These are defined, responded to and managed through a detailed process and schedule by the Proposal Team.  The winning recipe for any proposal defines, documents and delivers three key ingredients to your customer's specification:

◊ Management Accountability & Commitment

◊ Technical & Service Delivery Performance & Assumptions

◊ Cost-Benefit Analysis & Advantage 

Although easier said than done, a winning proposal sets the table with these key elements which provide  the justification for the customer selecting your proposal above the competition. It is the beginning of a relationship: The partnership to perform the project work. To achieve this the Proposal Team assumes the role as the customer's partner and generates the proposed solution through the customer's eyes and with cost estimates, priced to win.

"Think of your proposal as the Customer's tool for providing his/her accountability 

for their source selection and your job is to be sure they get the best tool possible."

Proposal Management is project team management which infuses experience and successful business development, team building and life-cycle project management into the proposal and B&P process: Requirements, analysis, writing, cost estimating, price, team collaboration, subcontract SOW, BAFO and project implementation.


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